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Protecting Your Home This Winter: Essential Tips for Residents

As the temperatures plummet this fall, homeowners and renters need to prepare for the challenges that winter can bring. Sudden drops in temperature, snow, and freezing conditions can catch many off guard. To help you minimize damage to your home

The Hollywood Sign: Celebrating 100 Years of Glitz and Glamour

The Hollywood Sign stands tall and proud on the hills overlooking the bustling city of Los Angeles, a symbol synonymous with the glitz, glamour, and dreams of the entertainment industry. It is an iconic landmark that has become synonymous with

Shift from the Term Master Bedroom to Primary Bedroom

The bedroom is the perfect place where you can escape the stress of the world. In every home, there are different bedrooms that serve different needs.

New D.C., VA, & MD Laws

Recently, there have been new laws that have gone into effect in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia on July 1st. With some restrictions lifted and VA reopening, these new laws will change some of the things people used to experience. Here

Supporting Local Restaurants

The outbreak of COVID-19 has hit many businesses hard; especially the restaurant industry. Many are forced to lay off many employees while trying to keep the business afloat by providing takeout, curbside delivery, and third-party services. During these uncertain times,

Self-Care Ideas During COVID-19

COVID-19 has greatly affected the world economically as well as within the health industry. In order to prevent the spread of the new strain of coronavirus, everyone is required to self-isolate, improve sanitation practices, and observe social distancing. While we

Spring Maintenance Checklist for Your Property

Winter is almost gone and spring is right around the corner. Aside from enjoying the beauty of the outdoors, spring is also a great time to deal with home cleaning and maintenance. It wouldn’t be surprising to see that your

Definitions and Rules of Security Deposit

If you have rented a home, then you must be familiar with paying security deposits. It is a one-time refundable sum of money that a landlord will collect from the tenant in addition to the tenant’s first month’s rent. The

Tips for Post Holiday Home Clean Up

During the holidays, many like to decorate their homes with seasonal decors such as Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, and many others that bring in the spirit of the season. While putting up the decor is fun and exciting, you cannot

Transitioning From a Renter to a Buyer

Renters are typically those that can’t afford to buy a home or are saving money to purchase one. Middle-income couples and families rent while working towards buying a comfortable home despite their inadequate available funds. If you are in the

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