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Lee Heights Property Management Company

Let Us Manage Your Lee Heights Rental Property

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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Lee Heights, VA? If yes, then Property Specialists, Inc. is ready to serve your property needs! Performing the various tasks that accompany rental property ownership is challenging for many landlords. You need to have effective systems in place and the time and space to attend to your tenants’ needs. But if you’re a remote property owner and you want to gain peace of mind by having a local expert check into your property and renters, then Property Specialists, Inc. can help you!

We are a full-service property management company specializing in managing properties mostly located in Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland. We are focused on managing properties and have independent owners. We give full support and you can count on our reliable property management services. Compared to other property management companies, we provide detailed and customizable services and fully understand what each property owner needs. We treat your property like our own and ensure we deliver results.

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Our professional team are full-time property managers takes the time to understand your specific investment goals and property needs. We pride ourselves in picking the right tenants, performing preventive maintenance, providing accurate financial statements, conducting property inspections, collecting the rent promptly, and more. We also have an excellent and competent team ready to provide dedicated support to both property owners and tenants. If you’re looking for a trusted property management company to supervise your Lee Heights rental space, contact Property Specialists, Inc. today! 

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Our Lee Heights Property Management Services 

Property Specialists, Inc. helps property owners achieve their investment goals by shortening property vacancies through effective marketing, screening potential renters meticulously, collecting the rent on time, performing consistent property inspections, maintenance and repairs, issuing financial reports, and more. Here are more of the benefits you’ll experience when you partner with Property Specialists, Inc:

Marketing of Your Rental Property

A vacant Lee Heights rental property won’t bring in income or provide good returns on your investment. But with Property Specialists Inc., we can get your unit in front of the right target market. We provide appealing property photos and enticing marketing ads that help increase your property’s exposure. We also use various strategies to get the attention of potential residents, as we find ways to give your rental unit a competitive edge over others in your area. 

Tenant Screening Process

Tenant turnovers in your Lee Heights rental can interrupt your income and Property Specialists, Inc. wants to avoid that situation as much as possible. Given that you want to recoup your initial investment as soon as possible, we want to help you rent to high-quality renters. We extend a comprehensive tenant screening process that finds you qualified tenants. We verify the candidate’s employment history, run a check on credit reports, and even contact prior landlords to ensure we make the right decision. What’s more, you can rest assured that everything is done in accordance with the Fair Housing Act. 

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Rent Collection

Collecting the rent from your Lee Heights rental is a vital process, and yet self-managing landlords can fail to streamline this procedure. With our systems, tenants can pay online anytime. They can limit late payments and can also trace their payment history. What’s more, we use a secure platform to reduce the risks of fraud. As a property owner, you can also expect to receive the rent proceeds straight into your account. If payment issues come up, we enforce the lease conditions and handle this concern on your behalf.

Property Repairs & Maintenance

Managing your Lee Heights rental can be time-consuming but it has to be done to ensure the unit remains habitable to the renters. Property Specialists, Inc. provides consistent property maintenance and attends to repair tasks for emergencies and normal wear and tear cases. We contact our trusted network of contractors when property emergencies and damage occur. They offer reasonable pricing and respond swiftly to urgent property situations. We ensure that the repair jobs are carried out with excellence.

Regular Property Inspections

Since we want to limit property repair costs, we see to it that your Lee Heights rental is functional and in order. We periodically check its state and report any potential issues that require immediate solutions. Property Specialists, Inc. has an experienced team who can spot early signs of possible damage so hefty costs are avoided. Even small issues are easily detected since our team is trained to be vigilant.

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Financial Reporting 

To ensure that your Lee Heights rental is performing well, we provide accurate financial records you can review anytime online. This way, you can monitor how your rental investment is faring.

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About Lee Heights, Virginia

An established neighborhood just 10 minutes from Washington, Lee Heights, Virginia is a community in central North Arlington. It provides residents with plenty of shopping, restaurants, and parks. It also offers tons of farmers’ markets and walking trails, while offering access to modern amenities. 

One can also find a whole range of architectural properties in the neighborhood which attracts plenty of residents. As a community, Lee Heights is known to be friendly and attractive to families raising kids. It also features large homes that are high in value.

(Source: Wikipedia) 

Areas We Serve

Aside from Lee Heights, Property Specialists, Inc. also serves Sterling, VA, Alexandria, VA, Maryland, Northern, VA, Aurora Hills, VA, Potomac, VA, Shirlington, VA, Falls Church, VA, Silver Spring, MD, Takoma Park, MD, Crescent Hills, VA, Springfield, VA, Overlee Knolls, VA, Country Club Manor, VA, Annandale, VAMclean, VA, and Arlington, VA.

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