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Moving Instructions

Before You Move In

Please arrange a time with a Property Specialists representative to pick up the keys and move–in packet from our office. They will be available on your Lease start date during our normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm, Weekends, 10:00am – 4:00pm). All remaining monies due, proof of utilities transfer, and proof of renter’s insurance must be submitted at this time.

If applicable, read condominium rules and regulations thoroughly. Many condos have strict requirements regarding move-ins and it is best to inquire into those immediately. Please call the condominium at least two weeks prior to your move-in date to register as a new tenant. Pay any applicable fees to the condo directly on or before the start date of your Lease.

Verify that your property manager has current phone numbers and emails for all tenants on the Lease.

At least one week prior to occupying the property, call any applicable utilities and transfer them to your name effective the start date of the Lease. If your Lease starts on a weekend, the utilities must be effective as of the preceding Friday. *If you will be residing in Arlington County, the Town of Vienna, or the District of Columbia, our office is required to contact them prior to your request of transfer, please inform us what name you will be putting the utilities in.

Please see the list of contact information for utilities:

Alexandria City

Washington Gas – 703-750-1000 Dominion Virginia Power – 1-888-667-3000 Virginia American Water – 703-549-7080

Arlington County

Washington Gas – 703-750-1000 Dominion Virginia Power – 1-888-667-3000 Arlington County Water, Sewer, and Trash – 703-228-6570

District of Columbia

Washington Gas – 703-750-1000 Pepco Electric – 202-833-7500 DC Water and Sewer – 202-354-3600

Fairfax City

Washington Gas – 703-750-1000 Dominion Virginia Power – 1-888-667-3000 Fairfax Water – 703-698-5800

Fairfax County

Washington Gas – 703-750-1000 Dominion Virginia Power – 1-888-667-3000 Fairfax Water – 703-698-5800

Falls Church City

Washington Gas – 703-750-1000 Dominion Virginia Power – 1-888-667-3000 Fairfax Water – 703-698-5800

Montgomery County

Washington Gas – 703-750-1000 Pepco Electric – 202-833-7500 Montgomery County Water – 301-206-4001

Your cable service provider will be dependent on location and availability:

Xfinity – 1-800-266-2278 Cox – 703-378-8422 DirecTV – 1-800-709-5333 Verizon Fios – 1-800-837-4966

After You Move In

Within 5 days of occupying the property, return the property condition report provided in your move-in packet to our office. This is for your protection and not to be used for the purpose of maintenance requests. If you have a maintenance issue that needs to be addressed, please contact our office.


  • Keep the area around your furnace clear. Do not store boxes, newspapers, gasoline, paint or other flammable items in the area. We suggest keeping a small fire extinguisher on the main floor, some districts and counties require one on every floor, please familiarize yourself with your local safety codes.
  • If your property is equipped with an alarm system, it is your responsibility to activate it and pay for service unless otherwise stated in your Lease. Please make sure to use the system if applicable, especially if you expect to be away for a period of time. Make sure your doors and windows are locked. Consider purchasing a timer for lighting; they are inexpensive and make it difficult for outsiders to determine if you are home or away. If you plan on being away from the property for more than two weeks, notify our office and also stop mail and newspaper delivery.
  • We hope it never happens, however if your home is broken into please notify your local police and our office immediately. In case of sparking or smoking electrical outlets, turn off the electricity at the breaker or fuse box. Don’t be afraid to call the fire department if the smoke continues.
  • Should your basement flood, do not step in the standing water; call us immediately.
  • It is absolutely essential that you remove lint from dryer filters, preferably after each use. Collected lint within a dryer constitutes an extreme fire hazard.
  • Summers in Washington can reach extreme temperatures, and attics can get up to 140 degrees. Do not store combustible or flammable items (including paper of any kind, chemicals, paints) in your attic. Water coming through a ceiling fixture is dangerous – if this happens, turn off the electric breakers to the area involved and notify our office.
  • If you smell gas, don’t call Property Specialists. Call the gas company immediately. The 24-hour number is 703-750-1000.
  • If a tree falls or you suffer other storm damage, check first for downed electrical wires and call Dominion Power 1-888-667-3000 or Pepco 202-833-7500 immediately for emergency repairs. Do not go anywhere near the downed wires.

Familiarize Yourself

  • Note where your electric circuit box is – have extra fuses on hand. If you have breakers, please realize that a breaker must be turned all the way off before turning it on. Should a circuit continue to break or fuses blow, check the appliances and equipment that are drawing on that circuit. You may have to move one appliance to another area. If problems continue, let us know.
  • Know where the water shut-off valves are to inside and outside faucets and where the main water and gas shut-offs are. Outside faucets should be drained and left slightly open during the winter time to prevent freezing and burst pipes. Remove all hoses from outside spigots, this includes the frost-free types. Release water as instructed on spigot.
  • If you live in a condominium building, be aware of the fire escape routes, elevators will not operate in the event of a fire. If you are in a townhome, single family home, or garden-style condo, plan an escape route in case of emergency.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Change furnace and air conditioning filters regularly, once a month is not too often when the equipment is in use. It is a lease requirement. A dirty filter is a fire hazard and it can contribute to inefficient functioning of the equipment, and may result in repair liability for you.
  • Under the terms of your lease, it is your responsibility to ensure that the owner-supplied smoke detectors are kept in working order. Check them regularly to make sure they are functioning properly. If the smoke detector is battery-operated it will beep when the new battery is needed.
  • Don’t find yourself locked out at 3:00am. You were given at least one set of keys for your home. Make sure to have an extra set available – perhaps leave them with a friend – just in case you are locked out. We have an extra set in our office that is available during office hours. You are not authorized to make any lock change without written permission from your property manager.
  • Keep ground and basement drains clear of any leaves. Keep an eye on your gutters and downspouts and report any possibility of stoppage. This is especially important to prevent interior flooding.
  • Be kind to your garbage disposal – Never put in anything that isn’t edible and avoid artichokes, bananas, celery, carrots, pineapple, corn cobs/husks, egg shells, bones, or any other hard or fibrous food. To keep the disposal working smoothly, once a month put hot soapy detergent water down the drain followed with a tray of ice cubes, all while the disposal is turned on. Should you have a disposal that does not turn on, check for a re-set button on the body of the machine (usually located on the underside), push it and try again. Also, look for a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse.
  • Brush snow off of the outside air handler, it needs air circulation to work efficiently.
  • Dishwashers can be temperamental, use only recommended detergents in your machine. Liquid dishwashing detergents are not acceptable and can ruin a machine. If you find that your dishwasher is not cleaning properly, run through two full cycles with just white vinegar.
  • Periodically look up at your ceilings, be aware of bubbling plaster or dampness and inform our office. This could be an indication of a roof problem or interior plumbing problem.
  • If you have a treed lot, keep an eye out for dead wood accumulation in the trees, or for dead trees and shrubs. Let us know. Many seemingly hardy types don’t make it through harsh winters or summers.
  • In unusually cold weather, be sure that your heat is kept at an efficient level at all times to prevent frozen pipes. Open cabinet and vanity doors to expose hidden plumbing to warm room air. In case of snowfall, remove snow from porch, steps and sidewalks. It is also important to brush snow from bushes and small shrubs and trees, the weight can destroy plantings.
  • Hot, dry summers can devastate a yard. Please water young trees, shrubs, and grass during a period of drought.
  • Please cut your grass on a regular basis. To take advantage of leaf pick-up in your area, rake leaves often and dispose of them in a manner acceptable for pick-up.

Reporting Maintenance Issues

In general, please notify our office regarding all appliance failures, faulty plumbing or electricity, roof leaks, water problems, or other repairs. We want to keep our homes in as good repair as possible.

  • In the case of an appliance failure, please make note of the brand name and model number before calling in a repair.
  • Roof leaks always show up during bad weather. Although a roof cannot be repaired when it is wet, please inform our office immediately and take appropriate remedial action such as placing a bucket under the leak.
  • If you have no heat or no AC check to make sure the filter has been changed recently. If so and your system is not functioning properly call our office immediately and we will contact a repair company. Please be aware that HVAC repairs can be delayed as much as several days during periods of high usage.

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