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Let Us Manage Your Shirlington Rental Property

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Are you overwhelmed by the prospect of owning a rental property? Partnering with a trusted management company like Property Specialists Inc. can alleviate your stress and help you maximize your ROI! We understand the various challenges and opportunities that come with owning and overseeing rental properties in Shirlington, Virginia, and its surrounding areas. That’s why we offer a broad range of property management services targeted to the individual needs of landlords like you, based on years of experience and an unparalleled dedication to excellence.

At Property Specialists, we provide complete property management services for a variety of property types from single-family homes to condominiums and townhomes. Whether you need help marketing rentals, screening prospective tenants, attending to property maintenance requests, or anything in between, our property managers have your back. 

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As your property manager, we also offer our experience and resources to create customized solutions to meet your financial goals in most areas of Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and close-in Maryland. Professional property management services, such as those provided by our team at Property Specialists, can help landlords have a hassle-free leasing experience. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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Our Shirlington Property Management Services

At Property Specialists Inc., we pride ourselves in our ability to provide a comprehensive range of services geared to optimize your returns while minimizing your problems. With our extensive selection of property management services, you can take advantage of the rewards of ownership. Here are some of the services you can benefit from when partnering with us:

Tenant Screening

Leasing to the wrong tenant can cost you when managing your own property. That’s why at Property Specialists Inc., we consider the credit history, criminal record, employment verification, and residency/rental history in the evaluation of each tenant application. What’s more, you can rest assured that our rigorous evaluation adheres to all applicable regulations, including the Fair Housing and the Fair Credit Reporting Acts. Thoroughly screening rental applicants helps us in ensuring your property is rented by reliable and trustworthy individuals who are more likely to treat your investment with care.

Property Marketing

Our property marketing team adopts a multifaceted strategy to promptly obtain high-quality residents. We use digital platforms, local listings, and our broad network to highlight your property’s distinct characteristics and value. Our goal is to fill vacancies quickly, minimizing downtime between tenants and increasing your rental income.

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Leasing Agreements

Your assigned property manager will oversee the drafting and signing of the lease with the approved tenant on your behalf. They’ll also ensure that all other necessary paperwork is in order for you. We’ll make sure to include clauses that protect your investment and define your tenant’s responsibilities. Our team will also conduct tenant orientation during lease signing and handle all lease discussions, paperwork, and renewals, giving you a stress-free leasing experience.

Move-in Inspections

After the lease signing, your property manager and the new tenant will perform a move-in inspection of the property to document its state. This crucial walk-through aids with appropriately discussing any particular move-in instructions and analyzing the condition of the rental at the start of the tenancy. Conducting a move-in assessment is our way of showing tenants our commitment to providing them with comfortable tenancy. We empower them to note any pre-existing problem areas and set expectations that they will be held accountable for damages that go beyond regular wear and tear. This activity protects your rental property and reduces disagreements at the conclusion of the lease period.

Regular Inspections

Professional inspections of your property are useful for ensuring tenants are following the rental agreement and assessing property standards. Property Specialists, Inc. performs move-in, periodic, and move-out assessments on a regular basis. 

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Documentation and images from these evaluations aid in assessing essential upkeep and repairs that increase the value of your home and avoid expensive restorations if left unchecked. Evaluations also aid in the resolution of tenant issues that may develop in the future.

Rent Collection with Online Payments

Rent collection can be a tricky component of property management, but not if you let Property Specialists Inc. handle it. We provide online rent-collecting tools to make it easier for your tenants to pay on schedule. Our electronic system sends notifications, records transactions, and transfers rental income straight into your account, guaranteeing that your rental property has a smooth and effective income stream.

Maintenance and Repairs

The condition of your property is critical to tenant happiness and the general worth of your rental property. Property Specialists Inc. has a specialized maintenance crew ready to attend to repair and maintenance requests promptly. We manage and supervise all maintenance and upkeep works, ensuring that your property is safe, appealing, and complying with the applicable laws. Our goal is to keep your property in excellent shape and your renters happy.

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About Shirlington, Virginia

Shirlington, Virginia, in Arlington County, is an appealing area for many residents and visitors. Being a few minutes away from downtown Washington, D.C., having numerous housing alternatives, and a strong local economy make it an ideal location. 

Shirlington has a number of quality restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and entertainment options available. It’s also home to several well-regarded schools as well close proximity to essential services like pharmacies and grocery stores.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Areas We Serve

Our team at Property Specialists Inc. is proud to offer property management solutions in the following areas: Takoma Park, MD, Crescent Hill, VA, Springfield, VA, Sterling, VA, Country Club Manor, VA, Overlee Knolls, VA, Potomac, VA, Lee Heights, VA, Annandale, VA, Silver Spring, MD, Aurora Hills, VA, Alexandria, VA, Mclean, VA, Falls Church, VA, and Arlington, VA.

Allow us to manage your Shirlington rental property, and we’ll work collaboratively to optimize your earning potential and improve your property’s value. Contact us today!

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