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Shift from the Term Master Bedroom to Primary Bedroom

The bedroom is the perfect place where you can escape the stress of the world. In every home, there are different bedrooms that serve different needs.

On average, there are three types of bedrooms, and they vary according to the arrangement and the types of furniture placed and the sizes of the bedroom. These three bedrooms are the children’s bedroom, guest bedroom, and master bedroom. 

A master’s bedroom implies one thing – it is a room intended for the house owner or the master of the house. It is typically larger and is furnished better compared to other bedrooms inside the house. However, the term “master’s bedroom” is not as popular as before as it is now shifting from master bedroom to primary bedroom. The word master bedroom has been used since the 1920s when it was featured in a Sears home catalog. The word is intended for the master of the house or the owner of the house. Realtor groups are just moving away from the term master bedroom and, instead, use “primary bedroom.” 

Why the shift of name?

The shift from “master” to “primary bedroom” has been made due to negative implications and perceptions involving the word “master.” Consumers and real estate professionals realize and understand the term “master” as something racist and offer a sexist implication. “Master bedroom” is a term implying a concept of dominance and ownership, which doesn’t sound to be so convincing and attractive in this modern time. 

One step to remove this negative concept around the name master’s bedroom is to remove it and replace it with the term primary bedroom instead. The main bedroom or the owner’s bedroom should still be set apart from the rest of the bedroom inside. Since a master’s bedroom is not advisable to use, homeowners prefer to call it “primary bedroom.” 

Changing “master bedroom” to “primary bedroom” or the main bedroom may not be the solution against sexual or racial discrimination, but it is a significant step toward change. Words have power, and changing terms can bring on that positive change, then using the primary bedroom is worth a try.


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