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Rental Application

Please contact Property Specialists Inc for a secure online rental application link.


This application consists of four pages. The truth of the information contained herein is essential, and if the owner or agent deems any answer or statement herein to be false or misleading, it shall be considered that any lease granted by virtue of this application may be canceled at their option.

  1. It is understood that the premises applied for are to be used as a residential dwelling to be occupied by not more than the number of persons listed in the application, and that occupancy is subject to possession being delivered by the present occupant. This application is being made for premises in its present condition. Occupancy of single family residences shall conform with applicable zoning laws, and in the case of condominiums, with applicable bylaws, rules, and regulations. Any and all personal property placed in subject premises shall be at the applicant(s’) risk. All tenants are responsible for obtaining renter’s insurance and starting utility service for applicable utilities.
  2. The first month’s rent is paid herewith on account of the first 30 days’ rent, to be held by Listing Company/Broker, with the clear understanding that this application, including each prospective occupant, is subject to approval and acceptance by owner or his/her duly authorized property manager. The applicant(s) has no lease-hold interest in the rental property until accepted, as indicated in Paragraph 3 on this page. In addition, a separate $45.00 application processing fee will accompany this application for each adult applicant, including spouse. These application processing fees are refundable only if the owner of his/her duly authorized property manager elects not to process the application. The application process may take up to five working days to complete. If this application is not approved and accepted by the owner or his/her duly authorized property manager, the deposit will be refunded within fifteen working days from the rejection date, the applicant(s) hereby waiving any claim for damages by reason of non-acceptance of this application which the landlord or duly authorized property manager may reject.
  3. A copy of the lease is available for inspection and review by the applicant(s) prior to the signing of the application through Property Specialists, Inc., and the applicant acknowledges that he/she has had full opportunity to conduct such review. After approval and acceptance, written or oral, of the application by owner or his/her duly authorized property manager, the applicant(s) agrees to execute a lease immediately. The property will continue to be marketed until the lease is signed. The entire earnest money deposit (first month’s rent) shall be deposited by agent, upon receipt of an executed lease. If the applicant(s) should fail to occupy the premises, the applicant(s) agrees that the earnest money deposit herein provided will be used to partially compensate the owner for loss of rent for the period the premises were to have been occupied and the agent for additional marketing expenses to re-let the premises.

The applicant(s) agree to apply for all utility services before taking occupancy of the leased premises and agree to pay for all applicable utilities: electricity, gas, water, sewer, fuel, refuse, and will pay necessary deposits.

A SECURITY DEPOSIT equal to a full month’s rent (unless otherwise agreed upon) is due and payable on or before the effective date of the lease. This security deposit is payable to PROPERTY SPECIALISTS, INC. if they are managing the property, or to the owner if he/she is managing the property.

The applicant(s) hereby authorize Property Specialists, Inc., and any credit bureau or other investigative agency employed by such firms, to investigate and to report and disclose to the property owner or his/her duly authorized property manager the results of the references herein listed, statements and other data obtained from any other person pertaining to credit, employment, rent history, and financial responsibility or criminal record.

Be certain that you have completed this application in its entirety. Attach the first month’s rent (not the security deposit) and an application processing fee of $45.00 for each adult applicant included in this application (including spouses). Issue all checks to Property Specialists, Inc.


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