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What Are the Responsibilities of a Property Management Company?

Are you planning to move out of your home because of travel orders or job relocation, or do you have an investment property and need to find a tenant? The entire process of letting someone rent your property can be exhausting. There are a lot of things involved as well as the legality of the entire process. Why not hire a property management company instead? Property Specialists would be responsible for providing services to real estate owners which include operations, control, and care of the property. When you are ready to sell or move back into the home, PSI can help with that too.

Hiring a property management company is the best way to lease your property. We have more experience in the field and they have connections to ensure you get the best tenant possible. So, what are the responsibilities of a property management company? A property management company will:

  • Screen tenants

The main role of a property management company is to screen all the possible tenants. It is important to know if the potential tenants are trustworthy enough, have no criminal records or have any outstanding debts from their previously rented properties. Experienced property managers know how to interview any potential tenants without discriminating against them.

  • Serve as a point of contact for any tenant concerns

A property management company is also the go-to person of all the tenants with regards to any matter involving the rented property. The company is the bridge between the tenants and the property owner. We are open 7 days a week to field maintenance requests from your tenants and monitor an emergency line for after-hours maintenance requests as well.

  • Advertising available properties

Another important responsibility of a property management company is to make an advertisement whenever you have a vacant property. The company should know how to use different kinds of advertising platforms in order to reach out to as many potential tenants as possible. The property management company will also draft a lease agreement that will be signed by both the owner and the tenants.

  • Maintain financial records of the property

Property managers are also responsible for collecting the rent for the properties. Aside from maintaining financial records, it is also their responsibility to track down tenants with balances, send them reminders, and initiate evictions should the tenant fail to pay the rent or abide by the rules.

  • Assist tenants in moving out

The responsibility of the property management company doesn’t stop the moment the tenants decide to move out. The company will help the tenants in moving out, inspect the property for any possible damages during the tenants stay and prepare the property for the next tenant.

In addition to these, hiring Property Specialists will give you less stress. Let’s face it, anything that looks like work can be stressful on your part. A property management company will handle all the daily management of your rental property as well as your tenants. Day to day management isn’t for everyone so if you want to get a rent check without the hassle of going through all the details of your real estate property, look for a property management company today and let them handle your home/tenant for you.

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