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Tips for Post Holiday Home Clean Up

During the holidays, many like to decorate their homes with seasonal decors such as Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, and many others that bring in the spirit of the season. While putting up the decor is fun and exciting, you cannot say the same thing about getting things back in order. You might get overwhelmed about it because, with so many things to do, you don’t know where to start. But as the holiday season is coming to a close, it’s time to get your home ready for 2020.

Get your home ready for the new year

Get off on the right foot by having a clean and organized home for the start of the new year. If you don’t know where to start, then here are some tips for post holiday home clean up you can follow:


  • Sort your things
    During the holidays, you may have received a lot of gifts, of which some will not be put to use right away. Consider donating items that you think will just remain unused rather than taking up so much space. Check your other belongings too and look for items that you can donate or throw away.


  • Take down your lights carefully
    Remove the lights with some TLC. Store them in a secure container and remember, you can still use it next year so don’t just toss it into the storage container without wrapping it properly.


  • Store your holiday decor properly
    When you have removed your holiday decorations, put them inside a box and make sure to label everything – what’s inside the box or which room it goes in so the next time you use it, it will be easier for you.


  • Clean your oven
    During the holiday season, your oven is one of the most used appliances in your kitchen – from baking cakes to cookies. Make some time to clean your oven by removing food spills and making it look like new again. You will thank yourself later!


  • Use clear containers
    It is recommended to use clear containers because it’s easier to see what is inside the containers and can save you a whole lot of time when you need to find something.


  • Check your guest room
    Did you have any guests over the holidays? Chances are, your guest room needs some cleaning. Change the bedding and linens and vacuum the floor. You are not just preparing your guest room for your next guests, but it’s also the perfect time to check if there are some items that need to be replaced.


  • Check your upholstery and furniture
    During the holidays, your tables, chairs, and sofas may endure the daily wear and tear. With all the shared holiday meals with family, game nights, and holiday parties, it’s a good idea to check them to ensure they are still in good condition or if they need a deep clean.

Follow these tips for a post-holiday clean-up and your decorations next year will be a lot easier, plus you’ll get to keep your home nice and clean!

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