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Fall Maintenance Checklist For Your Home

Fall is just around the corner. When the last heat of summer becomes a distant past and you start pulling out your sweaters and hoodies; it is a clear sign it’s fall. Fall is the perfect time to tackle a few home maintenance and repairs before fall transitions into winter.

Doing home project this fall will ensure you will be comfortable all throughout the winter season. With so many home projects you can embark, what are the seasonal maintenance tips that you should focus on? Well, here is the list of simple home maintenance that can make a big difference for your home this fall:


  • Fix your gutters

Having a cracked and broken gutter system in the cold months is one terrifying scenario. Since the gutter is located at the top of your home, it is also one of the most neglected parts of your property. This season, make sure to provide the right TLC on your gutter. Remove all the leaves and debris that could clog it. If your home is surrounded by a lot of trees, consider covering its opening with a mesh guard to keep leaves and twigs from falling into it.


  • Check for a draft

Did you know that draft issue can use 25-30 percent of your energy? To prevent this from happening, check weather-stripping on your windows and doors. You will know if your window has a problem with weather-stripping if you close your door or window on a strip of paper; if it slides down, then you have an air leak and it is high time you need to replace your weather-stripping.


  • Freeze-proof your outside faucet

In-ground irrigation system is prone to getting frozen in cold weather which could result to bursting of pipes. If you are living in an area with very cold weather, then you might like to choose a freeze-proof faucet. You can also manually freeze-proof your in-ground irrigation system by closing the shut-off valves and then drain the line of your outside faucet. 


  • Upgrade your heating system

The purpose of the filter in your furnace is to screen and trap dusts so that it won’t stick on your furniture and other belongings in your home. A dirty and clogged furnace filter can greatly increase your utility. Make sure to remove the accumulated dirt on your filter or have it replaced if necessary to keep your home comfortable during the winter season. Consider getting a professional to check and repair your heating maintenance too if needed.


  • Prepare your chimney and fireplace

A well-maintained chimney and fireplace will help your home withstand the winter frost-bites. You can check your fireplace yourself by looking up inside its flue using a flashlight and see if the damper is working properly. Make sure that there are no bird’s nest and other debris on the fireplace flue. It’s important to call a professional to inspect and clean up your chimney and fireplace if you’re unsure how to do it. 

Your life can be so much better and comfortable during winter when you prepare and follow a fall maintenance checklist. 

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