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Indoor and Outdoor Activity Ideas For Families

The world is facing a difficult time these days as it is fighting COVID-19. With more than 205,000 confirmed cases, which unfortunately increases each day, the COVID-19 outbreak can now be described as pandemic according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The alarming level of people that are infected with the virus has created panic all over the world.  As thousands of people worldwide are infected with the virus, governments are now doing their best to contain and possibly stop the spread of the virus.

From epidemic to pandemic, it leaves people feeling worried about their health and safety. Countries with high records of people infected with coronavirus are taking full precautionary measures in an attempt to prevent it from spreading, while experts and scientists are doing their best to find a vaccine for it. Some countries have implemented travel bans, whether it’s flying through air, sea vessels or land travel. They also canceled schools, work and large gatherings of people in one place to prevent the spread of the virus.

As a way to contain the spread of the virus, the government and health experts also advise social distancing – which means, you need to limit your contact with people. Social distancing includes being at least or maintaining at least six feet of distance from other people. When you maintain a safe distance with other people, it will lower your chance of getting exposed to the coronavirus. 

Social Distancing

As part of social distancing, everyone is advised to stay at home and only go out for essentials like food, medicine or in the case of an emergency. At the height of coronavirus and social distancing, a lot of people are concerned about going stir crazy, especially families with children. Social distancing should not mean you will not have fun anymore.

Here are some ideas for families to do indoors or outdoor activities that stay within the idea of social distancing:

  • Go fishing or hiking

Social distancing means you can still go out but make sure you don’t encounter crowds. Fishing can be a good activity for the family while still maintaining a safe distance from other people while getting fresh air.

  • Cook/bake

Cooking and baking can be a fun activity for the family and you get to share a delicious meal afterward. This is a great way to share family recipes with your children and create memories.

  • Read books

Have your children read to you their favorite story. You can also make this a contest – you can ask about the content of the book and those who can answer correctly will get a reward.

  • Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts will always keep your kids entertained. Some ideas include finger painting, bead necklaces, DIY slime/play dough, animal paper bag puppets, etc.  Join them and bring out your creative side too!

In these trying times, it is best not to panic. Things can change quickly – for the better hopefully. As of now, follow social distancing and protect your health as well as others too.

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